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A homoeopathic training course for retail staff

Introduction to Homoeopathy is a training course for retail staff  in pharmacies and health stores throughout New Zealand.

Research both here and overseas has shown that pharmacies and health stores are the main source of information for customers interested in complementary remedies. Therefore,you will probably not have to wait long for an opportunity to use your new knowledge given the increasing demand for such products.

Remember, this course will not teach you to be a homoeopath. It has been designed to provide you with a basic knowledge and understanding of homoeopathy and to enable you to confidently prescribe Naturo Pharm remedies over the counter for many common conditions.

After you have completed this course you should be able to:

1. Confidently discuss the main features of homoeopathy with customers.

2. Assist customers to select the appropriate Naturo Pharm homoeopathic remedy.

3. Prescribe Naturo Pharm remedies over the counter for simple conditions.

4. Recognise where homoeopathy can be of use but also to know when customers should be referred to a health professional.

The course is divided into three modules:

Module 1: What is Homoeopathy?

Module 2: Homoeopathic Remedies

Module 3: Remedy Selection

Each module is divided into sections. At the end of each section there will be a short self-assessment exercise to help reinforce your knowledge of that section. The self-assessment exercises have been designed to enable you to assess your own ability and they do not require marking.

Each module is designed to involve several hours work. You do not have to do all this work in one sitting – it is probably best to spread it out over a number of weeks. To achieve maximum benefit you should aim to complete the three course modules within three months.

At the end of each module you will be required to sit an exam on your knowledge. On successfully passing the exam, you will graduate to the next module. The exams are comprised of multiple choice questions and you will be required to indicate the correct answer. Should you fail to pass an exam, you will have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and sit that exam again.

On the successful completion of Module 3, you will receive a certificate stating you have successfully completed the Naturo Pharm Introduction to Homoeopathy course.

You will also receive the Naturo Pharm Consultant's badge to demonstrate to your customers that you have a working knowledge of basic homoeopathy.

As an encouragement to try out our products for yourself,successful students will also receive a coupon for one free oral spray product from our Relief or plus range.

Just check with your store manager when you receive the coupon that you can take an item of your choice from either of these ranges off the shelf and we will replace it to your store free of charge. This coupon is for one oral spray product from the Relief or plus range only and must be returned to us by mail within the 21 day period stated on the coupon.


Ready to go ahead?

Please complete your enrolment details. You will then be issued with a password to enable you to access the first module “What is Homoeopathy?”

Remember, to enrol you will need to know your store's Naturo Pharm Customer Number. You will find this on any Naturo Pharm invoice or statement. If you do not have this information, please ask your store manager or contact the Naturo Pharm Training Co-ordinator on e-mail or phone 07 347 1688. The Naturo Pharm Training Co-ordinator can also assist you with any problems or queries you may have during the course.
If you have any problems enroling in this course please refer to our help page by clicking here.


We hope you enjoy the education programme we have designed for you.At the end of the modules you will be asked to provide us with feedback on your experience of your programme so we may improve the course, over time, to better meet your needs.

Listed below are books that could be helpful as reading and reference material. These books can be purchased through Naturo Pharm. We have also listed organisations and websites that can provide further information on homoeopathy.


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