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Homoeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

A homoeopathic training course for Childbirth Educators

Please note -to enrol for this course, Parents Centre Childbirth Educators will need to know their affiliated Parents Centre Area Code Number. Other students will need to obtain an Access Code Number from the Training Co-ordinator at Naturo Pharm Head Office.

More and more people are looking to natural products and solutions for many of the issues that arise in their lives and the lives of their children. This is particularly the case for expectant and new parents who, because of their new responsibilities, often seek out gentler, safer and more natural options. Homoeopathy is a relevant natural healthcare choice for pregnancy, childbirth and care of baby. It is a gentle system of complementary medicine which can be used at a time when many orthodox drugs are contraindicated.

With knowledge comes power power to make better informed choices among the array of healthcare options available for ourselves and our family. With improved knowledge and understanding we can better inform other people about the choices that exist.

Homoeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is a training course for Childbirth Educators. It has been specifically designed to give you a basic knowledge and understanding of homoeopathy to enable you to present information on homoeopathy competently and confidently in Childbirth Education classes, thereby ensuring homoeopathy becomes an option for prospective parents.

After you have completed this course you should be able to:

1. have a basic understanding of homoeopathy and how it works;

2. have a broad basic knowledge of the core homoeopathic remedies which are generally relevant to pregnancy, birth and baby; and

3. confidently discuss the main features of homoeopathy in your classes;

4. refer prospective and new parents to the appropriate texts for additional information.

The course is divided into two modules:

Module 1:Introduction to Homoeopathy

Module 2:Homoeopathic Remedy Selection for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby

At the end of each module you will be required to sit a multiple choice examination testing your knowledge. On successfully passing the exam, you will graduate to the next module. Should you fail an exam, you will have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and sit that exam again.

On the successful completion of Module 2, you will receive a certificate stating you have successfully completed the training course - Homoeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

Ready to go ahead?

Please complete your enrolment details by clicking on the link below below. Remember, to enrol you will need to know your affiliated Parents Centre area code. If you do not have this information, ask your national office.


Once your enrolment has been accepted you will receive an e-mail giving you a Study Note Link to access the Study Notes for Module 1 and an ESID and Password to enable you to sit the first exam.

Our Training Co-ordinator, Natalie Matthews, is available to assist you with any problems or queries you may have during the course. She can be contacted at training@naturo.co.nz or phone 07 347 1688. Naturo Pharm's Homeopath, Mark Bethune, is also available to answer homoeopathic questions. Mark can be contacted at homoeopath@naturo.co.nz or phone 07 347 1688.
If you have any problems enroling in this course please refer to our help page by clicking here.

Recommended Reading

Listed below are books that could be helpful as reading and reference material. Information on purchasing these books can be obtained from the Training Co-ordinator at Naturo Pharm.

New Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Boericke

Homoeopathic Medicine - a Doctors Guide to Remedies for Common Ailments by Dr Trevor Smith

The Family guide to Homeopathy by Dr Andrew Lockie

Homeopathy A-Z by Dana Ullman

Homeopathy Handbook by Dr Andrew Lockie

Information Sources

The following organisations and websites can provide further information on homoeopathy:

The New Zealand Homoeopathic Society Inc.P.O. Box 67-095, Mt Eden, Auckland 1003
Phone: 09 630 5458

Australian Homoeopathic Association P.O. Box396, Drummoyne NSW 1470 Australia

British Homoeopathic LibraryGlasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
1000 Great Western Road,
Glasgow G12 ONR,


US National Centre for Homeopathy801 N.Fairfax Street, Suite 306 Alexandria
Virginia 22314 U.S.A

Homeopathic Educational Services2124B Kittredge Street
Berkeley, CA. 94704

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