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My ESID and password don't work.
Everytime you either pass or fail a module you will be assigned a new ESID number and password, do not try re-entering previous details.
Check to make sure you haven't got the CAPSLOCK key on while entering your ESID number or password.
If this did not help please contact the training co-ordinator at training@naturo.co.nz
Print out your ESID and password or write them down as you will need to enter these again when you are ready to sit the exam.

After submitting my enrolment or exam I did not receive an email detailing my ESID or password.
It is very important to ensure you enter the correct email address when enrolling. If you mistype your email address your emails will be sent to the incorrect address. If you do not receive an email within a day please contact training@naturo.co.nz to have your enrolment deleted and then you may re-enrol. It is advisable to keep the current email and delete any older ones so that you are not confused as to which one is current. You can click on the study notes pathway address in these emails to take you straight to the relevant exam instead of typing the address manually.

What happens if I fail my exam?
If you fail the exam you will receive an email that lists your exam marks and tells you which questions were answered incorrectly along with a new ESID number and password for when you are ready to sit the exam again. After that it is just a matter of reading the study notes again to ensure you understand the information then you can re-sit the exam.

How many times can I re-sit an exam?
You can re-sit an exam as many times as you need to pass. It is much better to study and learn from the study notes to ensure you pass. If you fail an exam, don't give up!

How long can I take to finish a module?
It is recommended that the course be completed within a maximum period of 3 months. Students will be deleted after 12 months of no activity and will then need to re-enrol and start from the beginning.

I can't access the next module, why is that?
You cannot access the next module until you have been given all of the details to allow you to progress. This means passing the current exam first.

I can't print out the module.
Should you experience any difficulties printing the module, course notes can be mailed out to you, just email training@naturo.co.nz and request this.

If you have any queries that aren't addressed above, email your question to training@naturo.co.nz. If your question has general application it may be posted with the answer on this webpage.


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