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Product Range

The Naturo Pharm focus is on producing a quality range of homoeopathic remedies. These remedies are cost effective, available in most retail pharmacies and health food stores throughout New Zealand and above all, easy to use. The Naturo Pharm range of classical remedies is one of the largest in Australasia numbering many thousands. All remedies are available in the standard potencies (both centesimal and decimal) and forms (tablets, drops, oral sprays etc).

In addition to our extensive range of classical homoeopathic remedies, Naturo Pharm has introduced a range of branded Classical plus remedies that have been manufactured using a potency chord to produce a faster acting, more effective remedy and a range of branded Complex remedies that have been formulated to target many common ailments and conditions.

These Naturo Pharm branded Complex remedies have been developed with careful precision using the latest European research. They are not combinations of just any remedies. Individual Classical remedies and potencies are selected for their synergistic activity. The final result is really a combination of the individual constituents. This principle of formulation is followed by many disciplines including both complementary and conventional.

Complex products allow a number of remedies to be blended together to produce a remedy that can be targeted at particular conditions rather than the very selective process needed for the selection of a Classical remedy. Complex remedies have made homoeopathy more accessible to the general public as now they can more easily choose a remedy indicated for their particular need.

The Naturo Pharm branded Complex products are grouped into three ranges distinguished by the colour of the background daisy on the labels:

Blue - General Range
Pink -Women's Range
Yellow -Baby Range

The vast range of product manufactured has placed Naturo Pharm in the unique position of being able to provide one of the largest ranges of remedies and potencies in the Southern Hemisphere.

All Naturo Pharm remedies are low risk and can be taken with any other form of medication. Get yours from any leading pharmacy or health food store.

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