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Complex Remedies - Baby

The Naturo Pharm branded Baby Range covers just those conditions that commonly occur in the first two years of life. The remedies contain combinations of a number of individual classical homoeopathic remedies and have been carefully formulated to ensure maximum efficiency. The Baby Range is available in oral sprays or in an external topical preparation. The oral spray form is ideal for babies as it offers: - accuracy of the volume of the dose; - an easy administration route; - increased speed of absorption and action; and - easier compliance with suggested directions for use. If your infant does not like the oral spray, then administer the dose onto a clean teaspoon and allow the infant to suck the teaspoon. Alternatively, the dose may be mixed into a small amount of water in a clean glass and then given to the infant to drink.

All Naturo Pharm remedies are low risk and can be taken with any other form of medication. Get yours from any leading pharmacy or health food store.

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