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Homoeopathic Potencies

Potentisation is the basis of homoeopathy. At Naturo Pharm the base material is diluted in a process of serial dilution with succussion that interestingly results in an increase in homoeopathic strength. This process is called'potentisation'.

Hahnemann, who developed the method after considerable experimentation, first described the potentisation method.

There are two scales of dilution in common use - thecentesimal (c) and thedecimal(x).

Centesimal Scale
This is the most common dilution scale used and sold in New Zealand and is expressed as 'c'.

Decimal Scale
This potency scale is in common use in Europe and is expressed as 'd' or 'x'.

In New Zealand the most commonly available potencies in retail stores are the centesimal. The decimal and the millesimal are normally obtained from Naturo Pharm only on specific order.

Examples of common potencies in retail are: 30c, 200c, 1M

The letter 'M' refers to the 1000th centesimal dilution. Potencies higher than this (e.g. 10M and CM) are also used but generally only by professionals. Likewise, lower potencies such as 6c and 12c are not normally suitable for the retail environment.

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