C.G.H. Drainage


Assists mucous membranes to clear discharges. Supports liver and digestive system as well as general skin health.

C.G.H. is available in convenient oral spray, liquid and tablet form.




Take 4 drops per dose orally 3 times a day as required.


Oral Spray


Use 2 sprays per dose orally 3 times per day as required.



2 tablets per dose 3 times per day as required.

Suck the tablets for 1 or 2 minutes then either dispose of tablets or chew and swallow.


Homoeopathic potencies of Chelidonium, Gelsemium and Hydrastis.

Suggested Companion Products and Advice

Use with another General Complex for further support i.e. Sinumed Relief of Coughmed Relief to assist drainage of the mucous membranes.