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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I give homoeopathic remedies to my baby?
Yes, homoeopathic remedies are very gentle acting and can be given to babies right from birth.
How do homoeopathic remedies work?

Using infinitesimal doses, it appears that homoeopathic remedies help to stimulate the body's own healing powers. Unlike other forms of medication homoeopathic medicines do not seek to mask symptoms, but rather speed up the natural healing process leading to a restoration of health that is both natural and risk-free.


Do Homoeopathic remedies have side effects? 

There are no recorded cases of side effects occurring when homoeopathic remedies have been used in accordance with their directions for use.

Is it safe to take Naturo Pharm homoeopathic remedies during pregnancy?

Homoeopathic remedies are prepared by subjecting the base substance to a special process called 'potentisation', which highly dilutes the base substance and enhances the remedy's curative properties. There has not been any recorded cases of harm coming to a mother or child during pregnancy as a result of using homoeopathic remedies appropriately.

Can I take Naturo Pharm homoeopathic remedies when breastfeeding?

There has never been a recorded case of any harm coming to a baby when homoeopathic remedies have been used during breastfeeding in accordance with directions for use.


Will I fail a drugs test if I take Naturo Pharm homoeopathic remedies?

No. Because Naturo Pharm remedies contain absolutely no drugs, sports people subject to drugs testing can take them without worry.

Are Naturo Pharm remedies gluten free?

Yes, they are. There is no gluten in Naturo Pharm tablet, liquid, pillule or oral spray remedies.

What do Naturo Pharm tablets contain? Who should take them?

Tablet remedies are manufactured using a gluten free base of lactose and sucrose. They are usually safe for diabetics, however professional advice should be sought if in doubt. They are not suitable for anyone with lactose intolerance. It is recommended that tablets not be given to babies and very young children due to the potential choking hazard.


Naturo Pharm liquid and oral spray remedies contain alcohol, should I be concerned?

Liquid remedies are manufactured using a small amount of ethyl alcohol as a preservative in a purified water base. In a suggested dose (4 drops of liquid or 2 sprays of the oral spray) the quantity of alcohol per dose is so small as to be of no consequence. In fact there is more alcohol in a slice of bread, banana or small glass of apple juice.

What type of alcohol is used in Naturo Pharm liquid or spray remedies?

The alcohol is naturally distilled from sugar cane and is free from gluten, non GMO, contains no nano-particles, sulphites or other allergens and do not come into contact with any materials of animal origin at any stage. The alcohol is diluted using purified water before going into the remedies.

Some creams available today contain beeswax, do Naturo Pharm creams contain beeswax?

No, Naturo Pharm creams are manufactured by incorporating mother tinctures into a natural grapeseed oil base. The benefits of this type of cream base is that the cream absorbs quickly into the skin; moisturises the skin; does not leave greasy stains on clothing; and is low allergenic i.e. people with bee allergies can use Naturo Pharm creams.

Some topical products contain parabens, do Naturo Pharm's creams and gels contain parabens?

No, Naturo Pharm creams and gels are hypo-allergenic and do not contain any parabens or nasty chemicals.

Are Naturo Pharm products quality products?

Naturo Pharm Limited, has produced homoeopathic remedies in New Zealand for just over 40 years. All our remedies are made from only the purest ingredients and to strict internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality standards.


How do I store Homoeopathic remedies?

Homoeopathic remedies are light sensitive. Hence they are always supplied in amber, light resistant containers. The Naturo Pharm range of homoeopathic remedies is also supplied boxed which provides additional light protection to the remedy as well as enabling extra consumer information to be provided. For maximum protection, homoeopathic remedies should always be left in their original containers and packaging.

Additional precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to excessive heat. Remedies should not therefore be stored in the glove box of a motor vehicle or in direct sunlight.

Experience has shown that exposure to high magnetic fields may interfere with a remedy's therapeutic effect. Do not place homoeopathic remedies on or near a television, microwave or mobile phone.

Perhaps the most important warning however is the need to avoid exposing homoeopathic remedies to strong smelling substances such as perfume, nail polish and other strong smelling chemicals. Homoeopathic remedies may be inactivated if contaminated in this way. As bathroom cupboards are commonly used to store a variety of household medicines as well as strong smelling cosmetics, homoeopathic remedies should be stored in a cool place away from other preparations.

While homoeopathic remedies have an excellent safety record, it should be remembered that standard medical advice dictates that all medicines, whether allopathic or complementary, should be kept well out of the reach of children.

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