Naturo Pharm Homoeopathic Education

Only available to retail staff in pharmacies and health stores throughout New Zealand that stock Naturo Pharm products.

At Naturo Pharm we are passionate about homoeopathy.  Our goal is to make you passionate about homoeopathy too!

To do that we need to make homoeopathy readily accessible, we are clear that people need information to make informed choices. Our education programmes have been designed to make homoeopathy more accessible by providing you with information on homoeopathy with the aim of stimulating a desire for more knowledge and a life long interest in the subject.

Introduction to Homoeopathy for Retail Staff

This course has been designed to provide retail staff with a basic knowledge and understanding of homoeopathy.

To enrol you will need to know your store's Naturo Pharm Customer Number.


Homoeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

This course has been designed to provide childbirth educators, midwives and other trainers working in this field with a basic knowledge and understanding of homoeopathy. Please contact Naturo Pharm Head Office if you are interested in doing this course - it is not currently available on-line.

If you are one of our retail customers, please note that you must have completed our Introduction to Homoeopathy course to register for this course. 


Please note!

To enroll now, simply complete your enrolment form by clicking on this link.


Please contact us on 0800 1 76543 or email if you have any further questions regarding or courses..

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