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Welcome to our stockists area 

On this page there are links to the following:

Distance Learning Courses

Training for retail staff

To access information about our Introduction to Homoeopathy Distance Learning Course and a link to sign up.

Training for midwives and childbirth educators

To access information about our Pregnancy Birth and Baby Distance Learning Course and a link to sign up.

To access Training Courses please click here

Product Manual


Terms of use:

The Naturo Pharm Product Manual is designed to provide retail store staff with general information about the Naturo Pharm product range. It should be used for staff reference only and not be made accesible  to members of the public through display or distribution. The document is password protected, so if you want access to this document, please contact head office for your password. It will no longer be provided as a printed document.

By entering the password on the next page you agree to the above terms. 


To access the Product Manual please click here

If you have any other questions, requests or suggestions please email us on

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