Product Information


The manufacture of homoeopathic remedies at Naturo Pharm is undertaken strictly according to the principles laid down by the founder of modern homoeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, and follows established international manufacturing protocols. At Naturo Pharm we manufacture all homoeopathic potencies using the traditional hand succussion method.


Remedy Forms
Oral Spray

Supplied in a 25ml metered dose oral spray bottle, for convenience and ease of use. They also have a purified water/alcohol base. They are suitable for use by the whole family. The pet range is made with a purified water/glycerine base. The baby range is also available in a purified water/glycerine base as an alcohol-free alternative.


While tablets and liquids are as effective, the oral spray is much more convenient and has a faster rate of absorption. The special spray mechanism on the Naturo Pharm oral sprays delivers a consistent and highly accurate dose, which makes the task of compliance to recommended dosage very easy.


It is recognised that homoeopathic remedies work best when taken sublingually, or under the tongue. The oral spray mechanism produces a very fine mist, which tends to coat the inside of the mouth thereby increasing the total surface area through which the remedy can be absorbed.


The widely used and accepted United States reference book, The Physicians Desk Reference, states that oral sprays provide the fastest possible speed of action of all medicinal dose forms. The increased absorption rate is due to the uptake of the medication directly into the capillaries that line the oral cavity. The medication is carried to the heart within 22 to 30 seconds, and from there it is carried by the bloodstream to the rest of the body. A test conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed that insulin delivered by oral spray acted some 30 minutes quicker than that administered by injection.


Using the Naturo Pharm oral spray remedies has, therefore, the advantage that the user does not have to wait so long for the body to absorb the remedy – providing more rapid relief.


Naturo Pharm Oral Sprays offer accuracy of the volume of the dose, convenience, increased speed of absorption and action and easier compliance with suggested directions for use.



Supplied in a 20ml dripulator bottle, they have an alcohol/water base and are suitable for general use by the whole family.



These are manufactured by impregnating inert lactose tablets with the liquid remedy. They are not suitable for infants due to a potential choking risk.

Topical Products


Manufactured using premium quality herbal and homoeopathic tinctures, Naturo Pharm produces a number of very useful external or topical preparations.



Creams are manufactured by incorporating premium herbal and homoeopathic mother tinctures into an all-natural paraben-free grapeseed oil base. Benefits of this form:

  • massage quickly into the skin;

  • moisturises the skin;

  • no greasy stains on clothing; and

  • has a low allergenic base.



Gels are manufactured by incorporating premium herbal and homoeopathic mother tinctures into a water-soluble, an all-natural non-greasy paraben-free gel base. Benefits of this form:

  • penetrates quickly into the skin

  • maximum absorption of the tincture

  • non-greasy, will not stain clothing

  • low allergenic base


All the tinctures used in the preparation of our creams and gels are sourced from reputable suppliers. Each preparation has been carefully formulated to include the optimum tincture percentage to achieve the desired therapeutic benefit while reducing possible skin irritation. 

Naturo Pharm creams and gels are supplied in tubes. We do not like to use pots which can often result in contamination. The specially designed plastic tubes make it easy to use and ensure that all the contents can be extracted. The tubes are manufactured using high-grade EVOH-lined pharmaceutical plastic that has enhanced preserving properties and is fully recyclable.


Lotions are manufactured by incorporating premium herbal and homoeopathic mother tinctures into an alcohol base. They are designed to be diluted with water before use. Benefits of this form:

  • can be used as a compress;

  • non-greasy and non-staining to clothing; 

  • can be used to cleanse; and

  • can be used as a mouth rinse or throat gargle.


Massage Oils

Massage oils are manufactured by incorporating premium herbal and homoeopathic mother tinctures into a light grapeseed oil base. Benefits of this form:

  • they stay on the surface of the skin to provide a vehicle for massage and

  • can be used after a bath or shower without causing irritation.