Quit Smoke Craving

Quit Smoke is a non-drug, nicotine-free programme that is not habit forming.

Quit Smoke is the natural solution for those people determined to stop smoking.

Best results are obtained when using both Quit Smoke Craving and QUit Smoke Withdrawal together.


Quit Smoke Withdrawal supports the body through the process of giving up smoking. It comes in an easy to use oral spray form.


Quit Smoke Craving tablets support the body cope with tabacco cravings and is a useful substitute for cigarettes.




Use 2 tablets of Quit Smoke Craving per dose as often as required.



Quit Smoke Craving contains homoeopathic potencies of Camphor in a 6c and 30c.

Suggested Companion Products and Advice

Vitamin B complex, Zinc and Vitamin C supplements may be beneficial.

Both formulae are available in the Quit Smoke Twin Pack. 

Quit Smoke can be especially useful for pregnant women who should avoid potentially toxic nicotine replacement therapies.

It can be taken along with other therapies to increase effectiveness.