Thrushmed Relief Gel

Thrushmed Relief Gel supports the body's natural defenses to fungal imbalances. 


Thrushmed Relief is also available in both convenient oral spray and tablet form.





Apply to the irritated external area as required.


Thrushmed Relief Gel contains homoeopathic potencies of Ranunculus and Staphysagria and herbal tinctures of Calendula and Hypericum  in a natural seaweed-derived gel base.

Suggested Companion Products and Advice


Remove yeasts and sugars from the diet.

Avoid synthetic underwear and use only natural fibre (i.e. cotton).

Add Lactobacillus Acidophyllus to the diet.


Use both gel and oral forms together for best results. 

The Thrushmed Twin Pack containing 50g Thrushmed Relief Gel and Thrushmed Relief oray spray is the best value option.