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Sinumed Relief

Sinumed Relief supports clear breathing by keeping the nasal passages and throat clear. Helps thin the mucus, allowing it to drain naturally from the sinuses. - TAPS no: PP1349


Sinumed Relief  is available in both convenient oral spray and tablet form.

Can be used by all ages, right from birth, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.



Oral Spray

Acute: Use 2 sprays per dose orally at 15 minute intervals for up to 6 doses, then 3 times a day as required. 

Chronic: Use 2 sprays orally 3 times a day as required.



Acute: 2 tablets per dose every 15 minutes for up to 6 doses then 3 times per day as required.

Suck the tablets for 1 or 2 minutes then either dispose of tablets or chew and swallow.

Chronic: 2 tablets per dose 3 times per day as required.



Sinumed Relief contains homoeopathic potencies of Hepar Sulph, Hydrastis, Kali Bich, Luffa Operculata, Pulsatilla and Sabadilla.

Suggested Companion Products and Advice


Additional Vitamin C may be beneficial. Can be used with a saline nasal spray.


If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

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